Acquittal under 328,365,376D,506 of IPC

A FIR was registered under 328,365,376D,506 of IPC allleging that accused persons had offered samosa and pepsi to prosecutrix after when she became unconscious and when prosecutrix came to her senses, it was discovered that prosecutrix was ravished by accused persons and one accused had also shown nude photographs on accused mobile phone.

Our learned counsel of the firm argued and crossed the matter at the best level and hence accused were acquitted.

ASJ Vineeta Goyal considered that the prosecutrix has failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt that accused persons had abducted the prosecutrix through intoxicating substance and committed gang rape and threatened here.

Furthermore, ASJ found that there is no medical evidence on record and there is no recovery of stupefying substance as alleged.

Therefore, accused persons were acquitted.

The original judgment is attached below:

State Vs Brij Mohan

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