FSSAI Manufacturing License

Overview of FSSAI manufacturing license in India & Delhi

FSSAI license is one of the most demanded license in the food industry. Whether food manufacturing , food trading, food retail, food service or agencies for government. A FSSAI license is the go to step to start off the business.

First of, there are two mandatory types in FSSAI.

1. FSSAI License

2. FSSAI Registration

So, what is license and registration?

Registration also called as pre-license which means when a business falls under FSSAI and has not turned over sales of Rs.12 lacs/year then registration will suffice to start off the business. Its a way to go relief for any food business operator. However, this vary accordingly in some cases such as if business operates out of current state then it may be required to take license but this exemption can be advised by advocates but in general a license is required when there is a turn over of Rs.12 lacs/year.

Types of FSSAI license/Registration for Manufacturing

1. Dairy units – Dairy processing means handling, processing, manufacturing, packing, storing, distribution & transportation of milk and milk products.

2. Vegetable oil and processing units – Vegetable oil processing means processing of vegetables to produce vegetable oils by the process of solvent extraction/expeller and refining including oil expeller units.

3. Slaughtering units – It means Slaughtering means a process of transporting, stunning, butchering, dressing, processing, storing & distribution of live animals/poultry birds.

4. Meat processing units – Meat processing means further processing of slaughtered animals/poultry birds into meat & meat products, packaging, storing & transportation of meat & meat products.

5. Fish processing means handling, processing of fish, manufacturing of fish products, packing, storing, distribution & transportation of fish and fish products.

6. Food or Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals etc.

7. General Manufacturing – Manufacturers / Processors other than dairy units, vegetable oil processing units, slaughtering units and meat processing units. Repacking means packing of food product into different sizes with labelling after doing minimal processing as required like sorting, grading, sieving etc. from wholesale packages. The food product is not manipulated & the composition or formulation is not affected or changed

8. Proprietary Food – Proprietary food means an article of food that has not been standardised under these regulations, but doesnot include novel foods, foods for special dietary uses, foods for special medical purposes,functional foods, nutraceuticals, health supplements and such other food articles which the Central Government may notify in this behalf.

9. Non-specified food and food ingredients – Non-specified food” means any food other than proprietary food or food ingredients, including additives, processing aids and enzymes for which standards have not been specified in any regulation made under the Act.(They needed to apply for product approval under Food Safety and Standards (Approval of non-specified food and food ingredients) Regulations at FSSAI-HQ separately before applying for license.

10. Substances Added to Food – Substances added to Food means Food Additives, Enzymes and their preparations, Source, Flavouring agents and their preparations, Processing Aids, Nutrients and their preparations, Microorganisms and Microbial Preparations & Functional Ingredients added to food as specified under Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations.

11. Radiation Processing of Food – Radiation processing of food or food irradiation is a physical process in which food commodities, bulk or pre-packaged are exposed to controlled doses of energy of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays or X-rays to achieve different technological objectives.

12. 100 % Export Oriented units

13. Exporter – Manufacturer

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