Liqour License

Overview of liqour license in Delhi

Article 47 states that the State shall endeavor to bring about a prohibition of the consumption except for the medicinal purpose of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.

Complete list of liquor licenses.

  1. L-1 Licences are granted for the wholesale supply of Indian liquor. These are granted to a Company or a society or a partnership firm or proprietorship firm having licensed manufacturing units(distillery / brewery /winery/bottling plant)
  2. L-3 Licence is decided to be granted by tender.
  3. L-6 Licence for retail vendor of Indian liquor/beer are granted only to selected undertakings of the Delhi government namely DTTDC, DSIDC, DSCSC and DCCWS. Any proposal in respect of premises for opening of a vend would come from above Corporations. As such an individual who wants to give his premises on rent for opening of vend has to approach any of these corporations, which after looking into suitability of the premises approach the office of the Commissioner of Excise for grant of L-6 licence in respect of the premises.
  4. L-9 license was earlier known (L-52D). This is granted to Retail Vendor.
  5. L-9A license is granted to retail vend of India liquor and foreign liqour in public sector in commercial plots approved by the local bodies including DDA/MCD/NDMC etc. or at shopping complex at airport shopping malls to the corporations in collaboration with wholeseller L-1/L-1F licensess.
  6. L-10 license is granted to retail vend of India liquor and foreign liqour in private/public sector in shopping malls or at shopping complex at airport.
  7. L-11 licenses are for retail vend of beer manufactured by microbrewery at all hotels, restaurants and airports in Delhi.
  8. L-12 licenses for retail sale of beer and wine in departmental stores and L-12F for retail sale of imported foreign wine & beer in departmental stores to holders of L-12 license.
  9. L-15/L-15F license empowers hotels for service of Indian Liquor/foreign liquor to the residents in their rooms.
  10. L-16/L-16F license service of foreign liquor in a bar or restaurant attached to a hotel.
  11.  L-17/L-18/L-19 Licence to independent restaurant
  12. L-28 licence is granted to a club registered with the Registrar of Firms/Registrar of Cooperative Societies, for service of foreign liquor to its members only subject to provisions of Delhi Excise Act, 2009  and the rules framed thereunder and instructions issued from time to time.
  13. L-29 license is granted for service of Liquor/Beer at a club/mess whose membership is exclusively for Government Servants and is not run on commercial lines.
  14. L-30 Licence is for possessing Liquor in excess of Individual Possession Limit.
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