Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation is more of representing corporate entities which falls under a mixture of laws such Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Arbitration, SARFEASI, IBC, SEBI, Consumer, RERA etc.

Ambient Alliance corporate/commercial practice spans a wide array of services to our clients in most areas of corporate and commercial law. Our team of lawyers appreciate and understand the nuanced needs of our clients. We assist our clients with a broad spectrum of corporate/commercial matters including:

  • Company disputes
  • Due diligence
  • Insider trading
  • Winding up of company
  • Insolvency matters
  • SARFAESI matters

The most important factor lies between corporate and litigation is said to be whatever happens in dedicated courts or authority such as Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Arbitration, SARFEASI, IBC, SEBI, Consumer, RERA, Income Tax etc. is eventually appealable to High Court and then the Supreme Court. But to go mentioned authorities is the first step in corporate litigation. It is efficacious remedy because directly going to High Court is always a question of law but at some sections it requires direct intervention of High Court and so for this intervention and procedure, experience advocates are required to reduce time and cost. Ambient Alliance corporate litigation lawyers know to handle such above cuts and down procedures efficiently because they are well aware of court craft and strong sense of eye on law.

One can claim they are the best corporate lawyers in Delhi but this is not the case, innocent companies need to check their advocate court crafts and success on record. The basic decisions come for companies when on their budget. Some says lakhs and some say thousands. Obviously, the lakhs cite one will be heavy but remember to check on the thousand cite guy to check his portfolio and success on record because the work will be same and rising advocates argue more properly because of growth stage. The lakh cite one will also argue with his experience but cannot see the case on a serious on some point because there are also other clients who is paying more than you and this may bring a lower image and hence lose velocity in the halfway.

So, corporate entities need to remember that every corporate litigation lawyers in Delhi are not the best fit for your case and remember not to dealt with mediator advocate because you will only lose money and time. But here at Ambient Alliance, you will get advocates who have success cases on record.

Corporate litigation doesn’t limit to in-entity only. Sometime, the promoters, directors come in trouble personally because they are vicariously liable and personal liability arises in no unexpected matter or clever moves of opposite party advocates. So, if this is not taken proper care during pre-litigation rounds, the draining of such losses may come in doorstep.

There are also many things such a corporate entity faces such as defamation, business infringement, trademark infringement, competition, cartel etc.  but it is to be clear that a proper corporate litigation lawyers in Delhi or India or anywhere comes with experience of civil and criminal practices. The one who is a master of court crafts can lead you win on each and every situation.

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