Petrol Pump License

Overview of Petrol Pump License in India & Delhi

Petrol pump license procedure has been developed in an effort to increase openness in how Oil Marketing Companies grant licences and franchises for petrol pump license. The candidate is initially compared to pre-established qualifying requirements under a method. All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are chosen for the next phase, in which the dealer is chosen through a drawing of lots or a competitive bidding process. Thus, eligibility requirements are now crucial in deciding who will be the gas station dealer.

According to Income Tax regulations, a person must be an Indian citizen and a resident of India in order to qualify for a fuel pump licence and open a petrol station. Additionally, the applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 55. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, 10th standard board certificate, passport, age affidavit, or identity card issued by the election commission must be submitted as proof of the applicant’s age.

For urban petrol pump license, the applicant must demonstrate the ability to invest a minimum of Rs. 25 lakhs, and for a rural petrol pump license, Rs. 12 lakhs.

When applying for petrol pump license, the key factor is the land. The land requirements/creteris for petrol pump license are initially  listed below:

  • Should be land along National Highway
  • Applicants who own or have a long-term lease on a suitable piece of land in the stated location or area.
  • Applicants having Firm Offer for a suitable piece of land for purchase or long term lease.

Therefore, this are some of the basic requirements for getting a petrol pump license in India. Ambient Alliance is specialize for getting petrol pump license in whole over India as well as in Delhi.

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