Restro cum bar

Overview of Restaurant Cum Bar License in India & Delhi

Restaurant cum bar or Restro cum bar means a restaurant who serves food along with liquor. To take a license for restro cum bar then owner needs to take more than one license which means for restaurant purpose one should take FSSAI license, for selling liquor in restaurant then a liquor license is required. So, with these two license a trade license is required to cover up the whole. If owner is willing to play music then music license is required. Additionally GST is required if turnover crosses 40lakhs etc.

So overall the initial licenses for restro cum bar to start is :

  1. FSSAI license
  2. Liquor License
  3. Trade License
  4. Eating House license from Police Commissioner
  5. NOC from Fire and Safety department
  6. Music License from PPL or IPRS

So these are all license required to start peacefully in India.

However, several documents will require to get all this license such as land clearance, pictures of location, owner address/Identity details etc.

Ambient Alliance has successfully taken licenses for clients and proud to say that now business are successfully running their business without any obstacles. Legal advisories are also required to maintain compliance after obtaining licenses.

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